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Stanley Rexroth, a ninth grade dropout obtained a master’s degree and became the president of his school board. He took the Bible seriously and allowed God to direct his life through twenty years in the United States Air Force, through thirteen years teaching school, and through a lifetime of service as a pastor and a missionary. God led him by dreams, visions, and impressions.
He was one of the founding board members of World Missionary Fellowship of the Church of God (WMF). WMF was formed to help indigenous pastors of the Church of God around the world. Rev. Rexroth made some preaching and teaching mission trips to the Philippines, Nigeria, and Cuba. He published a monthly newsletter called the Info Plus for seventeen years.
Reverend Rexroth served as a member of the board of directors of Ohio Bible College. To enhance unity among churches, he organized ministers’ meetings for independent Church of God pastors for twenty years, 1988–2008.
In 1974, Rev. Rexroth founded the Church Of God of Cumberland Valley in Shippensburg. He was involved in the community as a board member of Community Services Incorporated (CSI), and one of the board members of Christ Among Neighbors (CAN).