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Reverend Stanley Rexroth’s “Walk with God” is spiritually uplifting.  A reader will learn and gain inspiration of a faithful life journey with God.  You will feel that you are present witnessing this faith mission.  You will experience the poor souls of the world who yearn for love and healing.  Over and over again, you will be filled with Pastor’s sharing the bible’s loving message of truth and wisdom.  We experience the sacrifice of suffering of Pastor’s saving souls for our God.  One is given tremendous insight into their own life’s faith journey.  Yes, the story of “Walking with God” will change your life as it helps you listen and grow in spirituality with the love of our Savior.

-Jerry Lemons Senior MSgt. USAF Retired
Note: Jerry Lemons has witnessed the suffering of the world’s poorest of the poor in the Philippines, Vietnam and other areas of our world

When I first became acquainted with Stanley Rexroth, I was suspicious of his intent.  I was teaching in a public school at the time and he was speaking out on an issue that was dividing our district.  He then was elected to the school board.  We became acquainted by being on opposite sides of a controversial issue but through time we gained a mutual respect for each other and have become friends in recent years.

After reading Stanley’s autobiography A Walk With God I came to realize that despite humble beginnings, he has led a truly remarkable life.  Stanley is a deeply religious man and his book centers upon his growth in faith and service.  He served in the USAF and founded mission churches while stationed in the Philippines.  He has made numerous mission trips back to the Philippines and to Nigeria throughout his life.  He started his own church.  As his congregation struggled financially he went to college to become a public school teacher.  He taught American history and agriculture, in part to support his congregation.  He served his community in various capacities and extended his influence religiously by organizing a national convention of pastors of independent Churches of God, which continues to meet annually after 21 years.  Throughout his journey he remained steadfast in his belief in and commitment to his family, his God, and his country.

This book can benefit the reader in that many people give up on their attempts to make a commitment to God because they expect a revolutionary event to occur similar to St Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus.  A Walk With God enables one to understand that such a commitment is more likely to be an evolutionary process, one that results from an ongoing journey filled with questioning, occasional doubt, and often blind trust.

Upon reading this book one cannot help but be reminded of Mark’s gospel (RSV Ch. 4) where Christ is explaining the kingdom of God with the parable of the sower who went out to sow.  In clarifying the parable for his disciples he explains in verse 20, “But those [seeds] that were sown upon the good soil are the ones who hear the word and accept it and bear fruit, thirtyfold and sixtyfold and a hundredfold.”  Stanley Rexroth’s autobiography, A Walk With God, is the witness of one who represents the seed that fell on good soil.

-Pat Haler, Board member for Shippensburg School District


Stanley Rexroth, long time school teacher, pastor and missionary, has written a very interesting account of his life.  He is very exacting and detailed in his descriptions of different involvements through the years.

If you want to read a good book, which has incidents to which we can all relate, or are interested in mission work, I encourage you to read Stanley Rexroth’s autobiography, A Walk with God. The stories Bro. Stanley shares of his life are very heartwarming and intriguing.  We have served on the mission field together, and I have always looked up to him because of his wisdom and experience. He has been a true brother in the faith.

-Rube Gayheart, Chairman of World Missionary Fellowship, USA
President of Ohio Bible College